The Demise of the Backyard Cow





that may disturb people that do not like to see images of humane slaughter

Carlos is the man to call when your heifer breaks her hip falling down the steep slope of a pasture that was converted from rain forest. A team of men, skilled with knives and know-how, are called to butcher and divide the meat for neighbors and family on the slope using palm fronds, banana leaves, and sturdy “roble” branches to create a makeshift meat processing area before the vultures land and devour her.


Boost climate change activism and save tropical rainforests from destruction and cattle farming. In the mountains of Costa Rica, deforestation that creates open land to support livestock has unforeseen consequences beyond deteriorating the store of carbon for the planet. Young grazing cattle often misjudge terrain and fall down the steep slopes suffering and dying at the hands of owners, who would rather keep them alive, or from beaks of vultures. A local subsistence farmer harvests meat for their family and neighbors; but in no way does this make up for the long-term loss of income potential from the live animal. The chance occasion to witness this event was sobering, spiritual, and beautiful all together.