Projects – Attempts to communicate.


We are all part of an immense system, which we do not yet fully understand. We have spent centuries studying, writing, and depicting the simple and complex way, the sun shines on a leaf, humans interact, destroy and create infrastructure; or the way the landscape sustains, renews, and supports life, while adapting to changes. Our children and our grandchildren will still seek answers to questions we have perhaps not yet asked.

My photography communicates, through science—depicting light and dark and the splendor of color—our relationship to the greater world and to ourselves. I want to reflect a moment of life in photographs, to those who want to see as I do, with an awe of nature, humility in great societies, and love of the world. This essence of life is simply us all living and coexisting in a balance of complexity. Absorbing science and art as a way of life enables me to see. This amazing feat of compositional beauty in pattern, movement, and emotion is there, whether in the style of Mondrian, Pollack, and Picasso or O’Keefe, Frankenthaler, and Kollwitz. Art is everywhere. Science can explain why it looks like it does. As a species we set ourselves apart by the ability to create art. Our existence is supported by our ability to find sustenance, nurture, and harvest gifts from land—some we support, some we take, and some are being taken away. I find these two abilities to be linked.

I seek to expose some of these simplicities and complexities. I arrest time and capture the beauty of this planet and the diversity of human culture in an image. Sometimes the arrogance of the way in which humans command attention or dominate stops me. I want to believe the majority of people want to live in harmony with nature and support each other. Community matters.

Human beings engage in agriculture and commerce, create architecture and cultural vernacular. We live lives and interact; which allows or witnesses the decay of built structures, the disassembly of cultural phenomenon or the continuum of “progress”. The minute vision contrasts with a broad view, which celebrates a time, place, or action. Nature and the built environment of human society create layers where we live. Natural patterns make us feel at home within the built environment.

We are, as human society, one more natural process at work in the world. If our goal is not to overwhelm nature but live as a part of it, then we can celebrate both the common place and the fantastic. Some photographs include destruction, which is done directly by humans, or which happens as a part of a more “natural process” but has been affected by humans, climate change being one example.

We have within our capabilities the prospect of understanding why we should care about our life choices, climate change, biodiversity, and our ability to affect positive change in the way we live. My projects seek to expose truths I find self-evident.

Ansel Adams, Eliott Porter, and Dennis Stock were my earliest photographic heroes along with Edward Curtis, who captured essences of a disappearing nation of North American natives. Later, I discovered Robert Doisneau and his facility with a moment revealing the personality of his famous portrait subjects, along with Charles Pratt, André Kertész, Paul Strand, Alfred Eisenstadt, Dorothea Lange, Consuela Kanaga, Imogen Cunningham, and Barbara Morgan. Two contemporary photographers that currently have my attention are Thomas Struth and Sebastião Salgado.

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