Road Trip

The Road, it is a theme for my life. I love to travel, to see, to learn, to share, and gather. The great American cross-country road trip is iconic, and a luxury. Our country is so vast, diverse, and supportive. Every time I have done it I am amazed at the spirit present. I read somewhere that the road trip is associated with men, a.k.a. Kerouac and Steinbeck, so here I offer images of the various roads I have traveled. Some are in America, some aren’t. I have had experiences world-wide that are similar–people care about people, and we find ourselves while “on the road”. These images provide visual touchstones representing the journey or quest from particular moments in life. The road we travel through life is varied. Hopefully you, the viewer, can recognize these roads from times in your life when a quest or path of self-discovery had a tone, feel, or outcome that manifested differently from expectation or desire. Perhaps maybe you expected your road to look like these at various times, even better.

This is what this female’s perspective looks like. Perhaps it is the road less traveled, but no woman is an island either.

Check back for images of my next American Road Trip, which I am taking with my daughter so I can share with her this great country of ours and together we can seek and find. I am ready and excited to have the road rise up to meet us, as it has before and as it is there for many other men and women to experience.